Circet expands its footprint in Germany

20 November 2020

In November 2020, three new companies, Cableway, SNG and K&R Eilers, joined Circet Deutschland.

Over the year, five companies have joined Circet Deutschland’s teams: Tombers in December 2019, Eltel in April 2020 and three new acquisitions, Cableway, SNG and K&R Eilers, in November 2020. Including these companies, Circet’s forecasted 2020 revenue for Germany has increased to €168 million and headcount to more than 1,000 employees. Circet Deutschland, led by Michael Hegemann, has become a major player in the rollout of fixed networks in Germany, with eighteen locations throughout the country.


About Cableway - 

Cableway has annual revenue of over €60 million with some 400 employees spread across six branches. Cableway is the historical supplier and leading provider of installation, maintenance and construction services for Vodafone’s cable network. Circet will now have access to this major new customer and their potential business for fiber and mobile services in addition to the current cable contract. The current management team – Josef Würz, Kemal Kösemehmetoglu and Stefan Reuter – will remain at the helm of Cableway.

About SNG Schneider Networkservice GmbH -

SNG has about 100 employees and is based 125 miles east of Frankfurt. The company is primarily involved in FTTH deployment for Deutsche Telekom.
The founders and current management team – Gustel Schneider, David Inder, Alexander Breitenbach, Sebastian Schneider and Franziska Schneider – will remain at the helm of the company and are now co-shareholders of Circet.
In 2020, SNG expects to reach revenue of €30 million.


About K&R Eilers GmbH -

K&R has more than 230 employees and is based 60 miles from Bremen in northern Germany.
The company mainly builds networks for EWE, one of the leading electricity and Internet (fiber) providers in Germany.
EWE has set up a joint venture with Deutsche Telekom to roll out 1.5 million FTTH sockets in the North-West of Germany.
Founder René Winter remains at the helm of the company and is now a co-shareholder of Circet.
In 2020, K&R expects to reach revenue of €26 million.


About Circet -

Circet is the leading network service provider in Europe. The company operates in a booming sector supported by massive investments for rolling out fixed and mobile super-fast broadband.
Present in Europe and North Africa, Circet’s customers include major telecom service providers and telecom manufacturers, local authorities and companies specializing in rural deployment to bridge the digital divide, and key public and private accounts that own infrastructure.
In 2019, the company posted total revenue of €1.4 billion with 6,300 employees in several different countries.